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Dolby Vision and HDR10 are both types of HDR for televisions. This technology enables the TVs to display brighter images, more accurate colors, and deeper black or So Dolby Vision seems pretty cool, right? If a director has end-to-end control over how each scene looks, that's obviously better.

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You're looking to get a new 4K TV with support for HDR but do you get a TV that has HDR10 or Dolby Vision? In this video, I give a simplified explanation of each and decide which one you should get as your next television. Intro Song: "Where is My Mind (8-Bit / Bassnectar Remix)" by Adam Sharp...

Dolby Vision transforms the way you experience movies, TV shows, and games with incredible brightness, contrast, and color that bring entertainment to. A 600-nit TV will look great; a 1,200-nit TV will look even better both referencing the same metadata and Dolby Vision reference images.By default the colour temperature is set to Expert 1 which makes the Dolby Vision appear very dull. By simply changing it to Natural it rectified the issue perfectly for me. To do this on the Sony TV go to Picture, Advance Settings, Colour, Colour Temperature then select Natural. Why tv manufacturers keep saying hdr this hdr that, but when I go looking at tv shops, I can't tell the difference? After cuci mata at tv shops, when I go back and look at my non-hdr 3yr old tv, it still looks pretty damn good to me. Makes it really hard to justify replacing it.Is it just marketing bullshit?