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Incorporate mindful walking into your daily life in as little as 5-10 minutes a day by using all of your senses — sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch — to bring awareness to your body and surroundings. Here’s how to do it: As you walk, notice how your body feels. Pay attention to how your legs, feet and arms feel with each step you take.

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Grounding techniques are different tools that will help you stay rooted in the present moment. They calm your thoughts, soothe your anxiety, and prevent you from dissociating . Grounding techniques, like the ones below, will give you a healthy way to deal with anxiety, depression, PTSD, or any other negative symptom that is distracting you from ...

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Free English exercises. Over 760 exercises! Over 2000 words! Learn & review general & academic English vocabulary in gap-fill sentences in context.Grounding Techniques. Body Awareness The body awareness technique will bring you into the Mental Exercises Use mental exercises to take your mind off uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

The body scan exercise. This should take about 15 – 20 minutes. You may want to lie on the floor on a mat making sure you are warm and comfortable, covering yourself with a blanket and resting your head on a cushion or pillow. Optional Exercise 1: Mapping Our History Optional Exercise 2: Storyboards Optional Exercise 3: Oral Histories and Storytelling Optional Exercise 4: Talking Circles Optional Exercise 5: Written Reflection Optional Exercise 6: Power Analysis Optional Exercise 7: Designing Focus Groups Optional Exercise 8: Scenario Thinking