Harley stator output voltage

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The Harley Davidson stator replacement and upgrade is being done with quality parts made in the USA. The unique design of Cycle Electric Inc. stators offer: – Insulation able to withstand temperatures of 600° F to eliminate stator burn out – Better low speed output to reduce battery discharge at an idle

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To test the stator, you'll need a volt meter set to AC volts. Disconnect the voltage regulator and read the voltage between all five wires connected to the voltage regulator. Raise the engine rpm's to 2,000 and record the readings. All readings should be between 32 to 46 volts. If some of the connections are out of spec, you'll need a new stator.The name of this part is appropriate, as a regulator rectifier regulates and rectifies voltage. Your bike's alternator stator coil produces AC voltage. Generally, motorcycles feature a three-component system containing three wires that link the stator to the regulator rectifier.

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After it has began charging again, there is output at low rpm's, even down to idle, because the voltage stays above 13.5+. The fan getting stuck on constantly could be either the cause, or a by-product. Connect the stator connector [46]. Secure with the latch. 5. Connect the voltage regulator connector [77]. Secure with the latch. 6. See Figure 4. Position the voltage regulator assembly (6) and install the two new voltage regulator locknuts (1). Tighten the nuts to 7.9-11.3 N·m (70-100 in-lbs).

For the analysis based test case results are given in the tables, as such the voltages given as single rotor generator voltage is V1 and /;dual rotor generator voltage is V2.As per the test readings the dual rotor generator voltage is higher than the single rotor voltage. Prob a bad voltage regulator (up in front of the radiator). But since it low voltage it's worth testing the stator. But first I also like going and checking the connections. Also check the stator wires coming out of the engine for any wear or damage. Also checking the VR via at the battery terminals with a multi-meter would be good. Fits Touring Models 2011 to 2016, CVO Touring Models 2010 to 2016 and Trike models 2009 to 2016. Kit includes Stator Rotor and voltage regulator and all hardware plus installation instructions. 54 amps of output at 4000 rpm, your powered add-ons will perform at their intended performance. Replaces HD# 29900028A Regulator mounting bracket included.