Inverse of exponential and logarithmic functions calculator

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Note that the logarithmic statement is not universally correct for complex numbers, since a complex logarithm can have infinitely many values, differing by multiples of 2πi. Around 1740 Euler turned his attention to the exponential function instead of logarithms and obtained the formula that is named after him.

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If the logarithmic function is one-to-one, its inverse exits. The inverse of a logarithmic function is an exponential function. When you graph both the logarithmic function and its inverse, and you also graph the line y = x,

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Logarithm Functions. Let's now briefly get the derivatives for logarithms. Well recall that the natural exponential function and the natural logarithm function are inverses of each other and For an exponential function the exponent MUST be a variable and the base MUST be a constant.

Drill in finding the inverses of functions (includes inverse trigonometric functions). Computer programs that will draw the graph of a function and its inverse. Also, TI-85 Graphing Calculator. Logarithms. Tutorial on logarithms. A LiveMath animation of a family of logarithmic functions.