My tv screen is blue but i have sound

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My issue was that the 'auto-detect screen resolution' decided my TV could handle 1080p (when it can only handle 1080i). Turn the PS4 off (you have to hold the power button on the console until you hear a second beep; 1 beep turns the light orange and puts the PS4 in standby, the second actually turns it off).

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Check that the AC cord is connected to an active wall power outlet: Bypass any surge protectors or power strips and plug the TV directly into the wall power outlet. Disconnect the AC cord from the wall power outlet for 60 seconds and then plug the cord back in. Verify a good connection is made with the outlet. The new flat screens have beautiful pictures but, the sound sucks so bad that we get so frustrated we turn it off and go back to our old fashioned tv. Gail, Have you considered a soundbar? There are some very good ones at affordable prices now. — GT

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Nov 17, 2020 · This would give me sound and I could turn off the sound on the tv. I have looked at blue tooth speaker, anything wireless will do. I have a relatively new Visio 64" tv. I believe it has blue tooth capability. Non of the speaker seem to say compatability with the tv. I can send u a pictures of my plugs. The tv is using dish network. Help Why JINS Screen blue light filter lenses? On average, we spend “as much as 12 hours a day in front of TVs and computers,” according to Forbes. With the dramatic increase in digital media usage, it’s important more than ever to protect your eyes. JINS SCREEN lenses block 25% of blue light. They have a clear tint, so you can wear them ...

Turn your TV on and off. Check all the audio connectors and cables from the receiver to the TV or sound system. If you can, take a look at the back of your TV and ensure that the audio cable is securely connected to the TV. Below, you’ll find audio cables in use by various satellite TV receivers: Sep 12, 2019 · If the second HDMI port also shows a blue screen — and you can’t find a signal or picture or any other port — go to #3. Click to see today’s best-selling TV at! (Note: If you only have one device connected to your TV, such as a cable or satellite receiver, try connecting it to a different HDMI port. I have same problem. My TV has a sound but no picture. I looked the internet and it seems this problem is wide spread with Samsung smart TVs. my Tv is 2 years in November just passed. Can some one let me know what I can do? Many thanks.