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The M2 Hardtop version of the M2 Hard Core Bar is designed for the serious SCCA Solo 1 competitor that wants to maintain a dual purpose car for street and racing use, but doesn't want to give up the hard top or glass rear window convertible top.

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Today we have: MITSUBISHI PAJERO NA/NB - 2DR HARDTOP 1/83>4/91 - LEFT SIDE REAR FIXED SLIDER GLASS . Fits LEFT SIDE - SLIDER REAR FIXED - 2DR SWB NA > NG. If you need a NEW glass today - pick up may be available from 13+ branches around Australia. Each branch has over 30,000 NEW windscreens & body glasses. (Secondhand glass is Brisbane only) 1x Mazda Miata Eunos Mx5 Mx-5 NA NB Soft Hard top . 1x mazda miata eunos mx5 mx-5 na nb soft hard top. Youll need new frankenstein bolts as the old ones where lmackered. mazda mx5 hardtop na nb mk1 mk2 mk2.5 heated glass.

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99/94) 1999-2002 Hardtop on 1994-1997 Car Your car is pre-wired for a defroster, but some required elements are probably not in place. You definitely need striker plates.This top has an NB-style pigtail, you you should replace it with the NA-style one.You probably need to add a defroster relay and dash switch.If you have Mazda foglights, you need to use the combo defroster and foglight switch.

The Mazda MX-5 is a model of car manufactured by Japanese manufacturer Mazda. Various versions of the MX-5 have featured in every mainline version of Gran Turismo. The MX-5 is a 2-seater, roadster style sports coupe that has been produced by Mazda from 1989 to the present day and is among the most popular cars ever released, having sold in excess of 900,000 units to date. The earlier models of ...