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Hull House: A settlement house, located in the Near West Side of Chicago, Illinois, that was cofounded in 1889 by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr. Settlement Houses The Settlement House movement was a reformist social movement that began in the 1880s and peaked around the 1920s in England and the United States.

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Settlement houses provided numerous opportunities for less fortunate people, including access to education, free or low-cost health care, free or low-cost housing, and innumerable other benefits. Perhaps the leading advocate of the Social Gospel Movement in the United States was Washington Gladden. 30 PROGRESSIVE ERA terms included PLUS 10 blank cards to add your own terms!Terms such as National Park System, Muckraker, NAACP, direct democracy, settlement house and 25 MORE!!!!!Print, cut and GO! Students will quiz each other with these standards-based key terms from the Gilded Age to get ready

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Desegregation and Civil Rights. African Americans in Wisconsin had been struggling for their civil rights for more than a century before the movement began to attract headlines in the 1960s. Progressivism definition, the principles and practices of progressives. See more.

The Settlement House Movement, begun by Addams and a part of national Progressive Era reform movements, spread quickly to other industrial urban areas. Although settlement houses failed to eliminate the worst aspects of poverty among new immigrants, they provided some measure of relief and hope to their neighborhoods.Jun 24, 2009 ยท There were 100 settlement houses in 1900, 200 in 1905, and 400 in 1910. Settlement leaders joined the battle against political machines and endorsed many other progressive reforms. At the state... Another important group of people to join in the progressive movement were American women. Seeing an opportunity to increase their value to society, they began heading charitable programs like settlement houses. Empowered by the impact they made, women began gravitating towards feminism, a movement focused on equal rights and freedoms for women.