Sodium chloride is an ionic compound which does not conduct electricity

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Jan 19, 2007 · The bonds between the (+) sodium ions and the (-) chloride ions are extremely strong and are stuck unable to move, so when held together in this lattice the bonds are so strong that they won't break to conduct electricity, however when in a molten state water molecules overcome this strong bonding between the particles and force them apart ...

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Feb 29, 2016 · When sodium chloride is in its solid state, there are no available electrons that may be shifted to facilitate the conduction of electricity. That is why solid ionic compounds will not conduct...

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5.0 Sodium chloride is an ionic compound. 5.1 Explain why ionic compounds are usually solid at room temperature. [2 marks] _____ _____ 5.2 Recent research has developed a new type of substance, ionic liquids. Ionic liquids have melting points at close to or below room temperature. Ionic liquids are used in batteries as they conduct electricity. like a regular crafting table. Create compounds by adding the appropriate type and number of elements to the grid. The compound you have created will appear in the output box on the righthand side. The location of the elements on the grid does not affect the result. By using the Compound Creator, you can create over 30 different compounds.

(ii) Explain why sodium chloride solution conducts electricity. (2) (iii) After he had added sodium chloride solution, the student noticed bubbles of gas at the negative electrode.