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Hey, ich habe mir vor einer Woche TD2 gekauft, Tage davor habe ich mir noch darüber den Kopf zerbrochen ob mein PC das Spiel flüssig wiedergeben kann. Laut den Systemvoraussetzungen sollte es bei mir zu 100% laufen, aber ich habe ziemlich viele Ruckler und hin und wieder 1-3 sek. lange Standbilder.

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Jul 20, 2019 · I am experiencing an issue after using several globals consecutively there is substantial input lag. This happens especially often and almost immediately during periods of high haste. My latency in game is between 15 and 30. I have tried changing the spellqueue window to multiple different settings which seems to have very little effect, but the delay seems to be at its worst at 400. Once it ... So for me to edit, I need to Remux the MKV into an MP4, Split the Audio with another Program and then convert the audio tracks so that they can be added to my editing software. In the end, OBS has the option to Remux and having that cuts time from me having to download another program to do so.

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Per this tutorial's advice, I'm trying to record my streams from SLOBS and was told to have it save in MKV, and then to go to file >> remux recordings, then converting the video to MP4 there.. For the life of me, I haven't been able to find this remux recordings step. My file option on SLOBS for Mac just has "close window." How have you guys been managing to convert your MKV videos to MP4s?

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